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January 12, 2009

Welcome to Catie Watson

Welcome to Catie Watson, who will be helping me to research and write blog postings. Catie is a software engineer with 20 years experience in the CAD software industry. Earlier in her career, she worked at the EPCOT Center as a real-time programmer for Walt Disney Theme Parks. She is a part-time freelance writer and is published online at Associated Content. Catie is listed for freelance writing work with Elance.com and Guru.com.

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July 19, 2005

What's the use of blogging?

Why blog? Why read blogs? What social benefits do blogs provide?

FutureWire comments on K. Daniel Glover's suggestion that "[i]nstead of being part of the Fourth Estate, [bloggers] are part of something new. I call it Estate 4.5 -- a nod both to the profession whose excesses galvanized many bloggers and to the medium they use. Bloggers are like inspectors general, the independent watchdogs of government."

Blogs no doubt can serve this purpose. But they can also be useful for purposes that aren't as overtly political. The purpose of some blogs is to filter the web for links to relevant information, thereby saving their readers the hassle of searching for such information themselves. Others provide original content not found elsewhere, written by authors who might not be publishable through traditional channels.

In this blog, I attempt to provide links to relevant information and add my own commentary, with the hope that I add value by providing insights into automating invention that wouldn't otherwise be apparent from the linked source itself. This blog is also useful as a testing ground for my ideas, and a place to record my thoughts so that I can retrieve them later.

Why do you blog? Why do you read blogs? What social benefits do you think blogs provide?

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