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June 27, 2009

Your Desktop Supercomputer

In a recent blog post, Nick Jones forecasts a time in the not-too-distant future when home computers will have acquired the processing power and memory capacity of today's supercomputers. Jones ponders the question of what people will do with all that computing power. While some have suggested that the future of home computing lies in massive computer centers which home users will connect to, Jones doesn't think network technology will be advanced enough to support the resulting huge increase in data transmissions. Instead, he thinks today's PC will be beefed up to supercomputer levels.

Jones suggests that home supercomputers could make use of genetic algorithms (GA). He suggests that a variant of GA known as genetic programming (GP) could be used to evolve programs which solve problems. To put it simply, a home supercomputer would take a fitness function which determines what defines the best program to solve a problem and then use GP to 'breed' various solution programs until the best match was found.

Jones suggests that companies that have an interest in personal computers, including Intel and Microsoft, should start investing in the development of GA and GP tools for the mass market.

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