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Automating Invention is Robert Plotkin's blog on the impact of computer-automated inventing on the future of invention and patent law.

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February 26, 2008

Upcoming talk on automating invention at the MIT Technology and Culture Forum

I will be giving a talk on computer-automated inventing and its philosophical and ethical implications at MIT on Thursday, March 6 from 4:30pm-6pm in Room E51-315 (campus map). In the talk I will give a preview of some of the examples of computer-automated inventing that I will describe in more detail in my upcoming book, and explain how the inventive processes behind them are already raising new questions about what it means to be an inventor and the ethical responsibilities of inventors.

The talk is sponsored by the MIT Technology and Culture Forum.

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February 24, 2008

The (Gradual) Return of Automating Invention

This blog has been dormant for quite a while as I have been writing a book on automating invention, currently slated to be published by Stanford University Press in the spring of 2009. I will begin posting again soon, picking up the pace -- and possibly redesigning the site itself -- later this year.

Stay tuned!

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