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February 20, 2006

Automating Design

IlliGAL Blogging talks about how a company in Singapore named Genometri is using genetic algorithms in product design.

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category: Artificial Invention

February 16, 2006

"New" Interviews with ENIAC Co-Inventor J. Presper Eckert

ComputerWorld has posted portions of previously-unreleased interviews held with J. Presper Eckerthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENIAC, co-inventor of ENIAC. In relation to automation, he discusses the shift from mechanical to electrical components in computers, and the shift from human "computers" to the electronic versions we have grown to know and love.

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category: History of Computing

February 6, 2006

Computer Thought Control

Nikkei Weekly reports that researchers at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research have developed software that allows a user to move an on-screen cursor using thought alone (see summary here). The software receives signals from an electroencephalograph, which monitors brain waves read by electrodes attached to the user's head.

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February 4, 2006

Software That Learns on the Job

TRN Research News reports that researchers at Princeton University have developed two "self-improving" algorithms, a sorting algorithm (which sorts data into a logical order) and a clustering algorithm (which groups similar items together).

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category: Artificial Invention

February 3, 2006

The Spark of Co-Creation

In his new book Spark, John Winsor and 16 others discuss "co-creation," in which companies work collaboratively with their customers to create and improve their products and services. In other words, it is a collaboratively-written book about collaboration.

I see a parallel here between collaboration of businesses and their customers in "co-creation," and the "collaboration" of software and its users in interactive evolutionary computation.

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category: Human Creativity | Technology Industry